SUPPORT & RESISTANCE are common forces traders face each day when engaging financial markets. Those who eventually reach the edge of awareness that their trading days are numbered face the brutal resistance of not wanting to accept the change or let go into the uncertainty. It’s during this pivotal time of ambiguity when traders need the most support to help manage the risks & rewards of crossing the unknown sea towards new opportunity.

TRADERS TRANSITIONING is a support site that will help you navigate the neutral zone (wilderness of the in-between) towards a new identity & career opportunity by helping you re-evaluate the unique abilities and transferrable skills you’ve cultivated during your trading career.

BEING CURIOUS is the attitude of the trader/explorer. We know intimately how the mind of a trader can be harnessed, and are prepared to help you tap into the power of curiosity to actively shape your new edge, in new markets, with new purpose.

WHY SUPPORT TRADERS? Because they desperately need it and most wait till its crisis time (911) to take action; we’d like to shift traders intentions toward prevention time (411) by comprehensively helping them evaluate their options.

Dr. Ken Celiano was inspired to start Traders Transitioning due to the consequences of loss he has witnessed traders and their families endure. His experience coaching trader performance reaches across the globe and has exposed him to “the good, the bad and the ugly” of an extremely challenging way to make a living.

His purpose in bringing supportive services from talented professionals of various industries (e.g., career management, financial planning, legal, psychological) is in response to a lack of integrated resources available to help professional traders. Facing the brutal fact of having to let go and move on from a career they deeply love can be traumatic and fuel profound resistance.

Besides enduring significant financial loss or career stagnation, its not uncommon for struggling traders to resist transition until it’s too late. The delay can lead to additional life complications such as:

    • severe marital conflict,
    • divorce,
    • troubling addictions,
    • profound anxiety,
    • crippling depression
    • and tragically for some, suicide has become the ultimate loss.

With an integrated team of professionals our vision is to support an uptrend in your life, especially during a time when downturns in psychological, financial and human capital seems to be the persistent reality. Having knowledgable coaches available to answer questions, help build strategy or assist in resolving conflict aims to rebuild a traders inner security.

We’re positioned to help add new value to a traders evolving sense of self so they can…

    • achieve self-respect,
    • profitability,
    • and a meaningful existence once again.
  1. This looks very valuable and a good way to begin

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